WordPress and me were acquainted in 2008 when I began stumbling across WordPress powered websites and was suitably impressed to explore further. I started designing WordPress sites in 2009 and the site you are currently reading this post on is the latest in a long line of sites I’ve designed on the WordPress platform. For a website designer, designing WordPress sites is a fairly joyous experience, as geeky as that sounds, it is so completely logical, powerful and unlike other development platforms once I’m done with a site, I can hand it over to my client and if they have used a word processor, or email application before then they can manage their WordPress site beautifully, and completely, by themselves without having to rely on me to help them. They can write and publish blog posts which can include pictures and video. Pictures auto-resize and thumbnails are automatically created so the site stays looking great. They can easily create new pages, and add or remove pages from the dynamic menu just by dragging them on their screen. I hard code a lot of functionality into the sites, but with WordPress we are spoiled with a plethora of plugins that can add even more. WordPress used to be known primarily as a blogging platform but now it can be anything you want and remain easy to use for the website owner. It can be anything from a corporate website, to an online store, to a portfolio site like this one, a magazine type site, an events listing site and so on and so forth. Honestly I can’t understand why everyone doesn’t have one!

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