When I design a new WordPress site for a client there are a handful of plugins that I almost always install because they totally enhance the behind-the-scenes functionality of WordPress, and add a lot of power in the areas of Security, SEO and Speed. All of these WordPress plugins are free and all of them are regularly updated so they’re compatible with the newest version of WordPress. Security Wordfence Security There are a whole bunch of security plugins and many of them require upgrade to paid versions to really be of any use. I recently found Wordfence and was really….

WordPress and me were acquainted in 2008 when I began stumbling across WordPress powered websites and was suitably impressed to explore further. I started designing WordPress sites in 2009 and the site you are currently reading this post on is the latest in a long line of sites I’ve designed on the WordPress platform. For a website designer, designing WordPress sites is a fairly joyous experience, as geeky as that sounds, it is so completely logical, powerful and unlike other development platforms once I’m done with a site, I can hand it over to my client and if they have….