Danny Brown & Clarity for the Boss

Two more examples of Wordpress websites designed and developed from the ground-up.  The theme on the left, originally developed for Danny Brown is designed for the serious blogger with a multitude of features to encourage visitors to keep browsing and reading for as long as possible.

Kneads and Harvest Wordpress Website
Wordpress with Ecommerce for Southern Spears Surf
Pasadena Pellet Therapy & WordDazzle

Testaments to the versatility of Wordpress, both these sites remove the blog from the front page so the emphasis on the site is more on the product or service on offer. Pasadena Pellets is a brand new site in the final stage of production.

Salon Monzer Wordpress Site

From the Email Portfolio

Lots more examples coming soon, but in the meantime here are a couple of customized email templates, designed and built in Constant Contact for respective clients. Constant Contact has an editing environment that's somewhat easier for people to use than other Email Service Providers and means these templates are re-usable.

ImOnIt Logo Design and Wordpress Site

Branding & Social Media

The process is always more interesting when you can design all the branding for a business starting with the color scheme and logo and then applying that to the website and social media. Keeping everything consistent makes a brand easier to recognize and connect with.

Wordpress Custom Theme Design

The Shepherd Group

Some of the many projects undertaken for The Shepherd Group. Postcards for mailing, email marketing campaigns via Constant Contact, HTML emails, landing pages and website.

Wordpress site Design for Power of Engagement

More Email Designs

I have designed a plethora of emails for businesses across the full spectrum of markets. Everything from Real Estate to Colleges, Spas to Sytems Integration.  These templates  for Ice Hair, and Urbane Hair and Beauty allow these businesses to send out emails regularly to their customers without them having to know a single line of code.



Unless you’ve been living under a rock then chances are you’ve heard about Responsive Websites, but what are they exactly? Do you need one? And how do you get one? Well before I answer that it might be worth noting the following quote from Digital Trends… “According to a recent report by analyst Mary Meeker, mobile devices running IOS and…read more