Web Designers are under the most pressure to create a website that properly reflects their talents but designing for yourself can be particularly hard, and in the case of a portfolio showcase site the last thing you want to do is detract from your portfolio. I went for sleek, clean and simple which is my favorite approach anyway. I started off like I always do with a series of Photoshop mockups of the home page, blog page, single post page and inside page, then split the graphics and uploaded my base theme. I have tried working with theme frameworks before….

WordPress and me were acquainted in 2008 when I began stumbling across WordPress powered websites and was suitably impressed to explore further. I started designing WordPress sites in 2009 and the site you are currently reading this post on is the latest in a long line of sites I’ve designed on the WordPress platform. For a website designer, designing WordPress sites is a fairly joyous experience, as geeky as that sounds, it is so completely logical, powerful and unlike other development platforms once I’m done with a site, I can hand it over to my client and if they have….