Georgiann Kiricoples

I interviewed several designers in my business history, and never before have I grown such an attachment to a graphic / web designer. I verbalized what I was looking for in a newsletter template, and like magic she read my mind and created perfection. Immediately, I hired her to design one of my websites, and not only did I love it, but others were eager to duplicate her work for themselves. She is stuck with me. I plan to find every excuse to hire her and I am also recommending her to my clients for their upcoming projects. Lisa and I work very well together, and I trust her judgment implicitly as she has shown tremendous support of my goals.

Brian Waspi

These guys were great! Definitely recommend them. Top notch work and great communication throughout the process. A+

SJS Marketing

I have found Lisa to be the consummate artist. I have been in the business for over 20 years and have utilized a wide array of graphic artists, so I speak from experience. She is very creative and also communicates well and quickly, and delivers on time. This is a rare commodity. I would strongly recommend her.

LakeHouse Sound Music Publishing

Lisa has been a life saver for us here at LakeHouse Sound, especially with our online marketing via Constant Contact. Our e-blasts look great and response is excellent. Lisa is super easy to work with. She has a great taste level and, for a small company like ours, fit nicely into our budget parameters. We couldn’t be more pleased to have discovered her!


Lisa is very talented, professional, and qualified in the area of graphic design, web development, newsletter creation, etc. Her communication skills are excellent, her ability to grasp concepts and implement them is amazing, and she finishes the project early. She really does know what they she’s doing, and we recommend her with no reservations whatsoever.

Babyz On The Run

I think we are done.  Trust me, I think you are fast, creative and efficient!  You really get my comments and nail the adjustment.  Once again, beautiful job!  My husband and I are very happy with the look of
both.  Even my 2 yr old, Alexis, said “that’s pretty.”  I feel that a puzzle that has taken 10 months to build is finally coming together. Thank you for being a very vital part of this journey.

Open House Broadcast

Once again, Lisa has outdone herself! Really, she is AMAZING! I hired her to pretty up my MySpace page this time around, and the results were quite simply astounding… I went for the lower end option as far as MySpace page designs are concerned, but even so, I cannot believe how well it turned out! Everything is perfect. I can only imagine how great this would have turned out if I”d had enough money to pay for the high end design. I”ve used Lisa in the past, and I can guarantee you I”ll use her again in the future. If you are wary of hiring someone you don”t really know to do a job for you; allow me to help allay your concerns by giving my full vote of confidence to Lisa. Give her a chance; I promise you will not be disappointed. I usually don”t write so much in my feedback, but when someone goes so far above and beyond my expectations, I can”t help but sing their praises. Thank you very much for your hard work and your tremendous results! I”ll contact you in the very near future for some more projects…